Media Project Open For Acquisition

Here we are representing an interactive time-line news display feature for the news media. In the particular invention the news are not considered as independend entities but as part of the bigger media coverage in the time dimension from past to today and to the future. The present invention is not a classical comment, classical voting/rating tool in the sense the tool adresses the news and relevant reader comments along a time line referring to associated news.


Along the time lines the cause and the effect (reason-etre) of the historical events will be displayed to the readers in an visually appealing fashion.

The invention has the strongest potential to deliniate the dreams (hypoteheses) and the reality. Just redefining DREA/lity from readers point of view and not the columnist point of view.


Before the on-line revolution the media was heavily depending on printed matter. On the printed scale the interaction between the readers and the media was one way. The news papers were putting the news together and the reader community were reading the news.

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